Do You Understand the Terms
Contract Assembly and Sub-Assembly?

Do you understand the terms of contract assembly and sub-assembly

Companies are increasingly looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs while optimizing product quality and safety, but many need help to perform these tasks in-house. In the past, companies turned to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for help as they could still have their products manufactured under their company brand. However, OEMs are often resource-constrained (tight on money), leading to difficulties operating lean and reliable manufacturing operations. This is where contract assembly and sub-contracting services are becoming viable alternatives.


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Primed MFG utilizes the sub-assembly process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our assembly services. We can streamline the subsequent assembly process by pre-building related components and creating complete parts and products with incredible speed and precision. Primed MFG’ clients can benefit from a smoother workflow throughout the production process. Our sub-assembly services provide an added level of organization and convenience for all parties involved. We are proud to offer this valuable tool to enhance our assembly operations.

This method is often used in manufacturing when the products are too big or complex to be assembled in one step. It improves efficiency and flexibility in the manufacturing procedure while providing more accessible transportation of components between warehouses. It provides an efficient way to automate the manufacturing process without compromising the quality of the final piece. When done skillfully, it can reduce both launch time and cost and still deliver a top-quality product.

Sub-assembly can also be known as:

  • Contract sub-assembly
  • Attachment sub-assembly
  • Component assembly
  • Sub-component assembly
  • Sub-product assembly
  • Sub-assembly manufacturing
An example of subassembly would be making a toy car. There are many different steps in putting together a car. The first step is to take all the parts that go into making up your vehicle and put them together, like wheels, body & engine, for example!
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Many businesses require products to be put together before they can be sold. This process is called assembly. Many companies need more time, space, or strategies to do this process efficiently, so they contract this service to other companies like Primed MFG. Companies like Primed MFG are experts at assembling products quickly and efficiently. They can also customize the assemblies to meet the specific needs of each business.

Contract assembly and sub-assembly can be especially beneficial for manufacturers and businesses in industries with high demand for precision and quality. The advantages of contract assembly and sub-assembly services for businesses are a great way to reduce inventory management and warehousing costs. The productivity increase from having these tasks done by an outside party makes it worth the expense! Industrial giants like RV (Recreational Vehicles), automotive, and medical devices are some of the most promising industries to use the services of a contract assembly or sub-assembly services company like Primed MFG.

As you can see, your business needs to outsource contract assembly or sub-assembly services for your business. Partnering with a reputable provider with experience serving companies in your industry, like Primed MFG, will save you the time and money you need to be successful. This will ensure that you receive the best possible service and results. Good contract assemblers should be excited to implement lean manufacturing philosophies to reduce waste and leverage cutting-edge technology to maximize production quality.

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Cole Clayton is the Co-Founder/General Manager of Primed MFG, a 3PL-Contract Assembly company in Mishawaka, Indiana. His goals include expedited and efficient service offered to every customer. Cole earned his bachelor’s degree in Public Financial Management from Indiana University Bloomington. He entered the manufacturing world to explore his passion for supply chain management. As an example of giving back to his community, Cole has been recognized for his commitment to groups such as One Million Cups South Bend Elkhart, and Linkedup Local. When Cole is not keeping busy with Primed MFG, you can find him watching Football!  You can reach him at (574) 621-3648.

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