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Contract Assembly/Sub-Assembly

If you're a manufacturer, you know that contract assembly and sub-assembly services can be crucial to your success. The right contract assembly company can help streamline production, optimize fulfillment, and control costs. That's why choosing a contract assembly company you can trust is essential.

Our contract assembly services help manufacturers streamline production while meeting tight deadlines. Our (soon to be) fully integrated solutions automate every step of the process, from sourcing parts to shipping them off for fulfillment--and even providing end-customer service if needed!

Contract assembly is installing components into an incomplete product or machine. Contract manufacturing services are vital for ultra-efficient production, optimization fulfillment, and control costs because they allow manufacturers to have everything ready before it's needed.
That way workers do not have backbreaking work loading parts onto conveyor belts as well as ensuring there isn't any excess inventory sitting around waiting patiently until someone has time off from their job at some point during regular business hours on either side.

Primed MFG Contract Assembly Services ison


The logistics industry (3PL) is always striving to streamline processes and improve efficiency. One way they do this, without sacrificing quality or customer service in any manner whatsoever (is) by offering efficient subassembly manufacturing services like those provided by Primed MFG. Primed's large facility allows it to handle most types of assemblies for recreational vehicles (RV) parts, furniture parts, automotive, marine simple electronics, and consumer products.

We help manufacturers by:

ASSEMBLING PARTS - Assembling parts & components for their production line

DIRECT TO CUSTOMERS - We also put together products and kits to ship directly to customers

SHORT-RUN PROJECTS - We can do time-sensitive, short-run projects or long-term sub-assembly services

AUTOMATED BARCODES - Our inventory is visible 24/7, and we have automated barcode systems for accuracy and traceability (coming soon)

TRANSPARENT REPORTING We also provide fully transparent, detailed reporting.

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Primed MFG is a company that helps with manufacturing sub-assembly so that you can focus on other things.

We put together parts and ship them to you, fully labeled and ready to go straight to production. This way, your line is more efficient!

We can also package completed products or kits and ship them directly to your customers in your name. Our automated systems create better accuracy and faster delivery. When you combine sub-assembly with kitting, sorting, and rework services, your production line gains top-tier efficiency and quality while improving profitability.


We aim to ensure that the parts and products we deliver are 100% accurate. We have a team of experienced people who will ensure everything is taken care of from start to finish.

Primed MFG - Outsourced labor and Contract Assembly and Subassembly in Elkhart County and St Joseph County Indiana

We ask you to consider Primed MFG for all your contract assembly and sub-assembly services if you are a manufacturer in Bremen, Bristol, Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, Mishawaka, Nappanee, South Bend, Wakarusa, in Northern Indiana.

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