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Pallet recovery - pallets near me in South Bend-Mishawaka-Elkhart. If you have a business, you probably need pallets for storage and shipping. Pallets are crucial for running your business smoothly every day. Sometimes, you may need to get rid of extra pallets that take up valuable space. Primed MFG is here to help with pallet recovery for all your pallet along with any reusable packaging needs, no matter the situation.

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Elkhart County and St Joseph County Indiana Manufacturers will benefit (and profit) from used, recycled, refurbished, and remanufactured pallets provided by Primed MFG.

In the world of business, both new and established, pallets are often crucial for storage and shipping needs. They play a key role in ensuring smooth daily operations.

However, when surplus pallets start to pile up, they can take up valuable space intended for new inventory. That's where solutions for managing excess pallets become a necessity.

Primed MFG not only offer services for managing these pallet needs but also specialize in providing reusable packaging options. This combination of services ensures efficient logistics management while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

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"Reusable Transport Packaging" is the term used by the Reusable Packaging Association to describe packaging that can be reused multiple times for shipping and storage. At Primed MFG, we start with PALLETS. Besides pallets, it can include products like crates, containers, drums, totes, and other items used to transport and store goods.

Our #1 Goal is raise awareness of
Reusable Transport Packaging

Reusable packaging can be used multiple times to transport goods instead of being thrown away after each use. This can help reduce waste and cost for companies, improve efficiency, and enhancing sustainability efforts while meeting customer demands for eco-friendly and responsible practices.

Reusable Packaging can be a strategic advantage for your company


Reusable packaging is a sustainable solution to shipping materials that can help your company be more profitable in the long run. By reducing the need to constantly buy new materials, you can save money and improve efficiency and creating economic value. Yes you can achieve growth WITHOUT constantly using materials!

Imagine being more profitable without constantly using more materials


Primed MFG operates locally with a strong sense of accountability. Rather than dealing with distant corporate offices, customers can communicate directly with local team members and even speak with the company's owner if necessary. This dedication to personal accountability allows Primed MFG to provide top-quality service to the communities we serve. We've earned our reputation.

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Primed MFG - Outsourced labor and Contract Assembly and Subassembly in Elkhart County and St Joseph County Indiana

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